4-PORT 10/100Mbps POE SWITCH


  • Provide 4 x 100Mbps Ethernet ports, 2 x 100Mbps up-link ports
  • Support End-Span method, complies with IEEE802.3 af/at standards, can supply max 30W power which is possible to power high-power infrared cameras.
  • Comply with IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3af/at standards.
  • Support IEEE802.3x full-duplex flow control, support Auto MDI/MDIX
  • Support port-base Vlan, prevent from broadcast storm so that make data conversion more efficient and safe.
  • Restart function helps master IC reset wholly. Easy for users to solve network failure without swapping power supply; Easy to maintain system; Help monitoring pictures recover quickly.
  • Various LED display functions can real-timely display the device’s current working conditions, and help prompt facility and remove trouble easily.
  • Excellent lightning protection, lightning capacity up to 4KV



Power Supply

Power Supply Mode

Power Adaptor

Voltage Range


Power Consumption

The device <5W,      POE power supply <120W-

Network Port Parameter

Network Ports

1~4 Ethernet Port:10/100Mbps

2 Uplink Port:10/100Mbps

Transmission Distance

1~4 Ethernet Port:100m

Mandatory 10 Mbps reach up to 250m

Uplink port:100m

Transmission Media

1~4 Ethernet Port:Cat5e/6 standard UTP cable,

Uplink Port:Cat5e/6 standard UTP cable

POE Agreement

IEEE802.3 af/at standards

PoE Power Supply Mode

End-span method

PoE Power Supply Wattage

Each port ≤30W,Whole device<120W

Network Switch Specification

Network Standard

IEEE802.3 10BASE-T、IEEE802.3u 100BASE-TX/FX、IEEE802.3az(Uplink optical fiber port )

Swap Mode

Store-and- forward

Data-Caching Mechanism


MAC Address List


Status Indicators

Power Indicator Light

One power light (red)

FE Uplink Port

LED (Green): On, port is link on Off, port is link down, Blink when transceiver data;LED(Yellow):on when link speed is 100M,Off when link speed is 10M

PoE Indicator

4 PoE indicator light(yellow)

PoE Network Port LED

1~4 port ( green light on RJ45 jack) Blinking when transceiver data

Restart Indicator

1 restart indication light (green), light on when press the button

Vlan Indicator

One green indication light

Button/ Switch

Reset Button

One button. Whole machine will restart while press the button.

Vlan Switch

One, slide switch to “ON” + press restart button, Vlan function opens

Protection Level

Surge Immunity

Level 3, executive standard:IEC61000-4-5

Electrostatic Protection

1a touch electric discharge: level 3

1a Air discharge: level 3

Executive standard:IEC61000-4-2

Operating Environment

Working Temperature


Storage Temperature




Mechanical Attributes

Dimensions (L*W*H)







Mean time between failures (MTBF)



  1. Power Indicator  2. ACT/LINK Indicator      3. PoE pot
  2. PoE Indicator      5. Uplink port                   6. Uplink Indicator

  1. Reset         2. Reset Indicator           3. VLAN Indicator
  2. VLAN         5. Ground connection     6. Input: DC 48-56V


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